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Talking Drum

Are you ever frustrated with a company or organization? It happens to all of us sooner or later. The question is: What do you do about it? A complaint can have great value; it can spark a conversation and lead to a solution.

Talking Drum is an online community where people can drum out their differences. It’s a place to post complaints, receive input from others and be connected to the organizations that are at the source of the frustrations people are experiencing.

There is value in talking, and there’s value in the rhythm of drumming. It’s the opposite of repressing frustrations which only leads to more frustration and possibly anger and disgust. Expressing your discontent can have many positive outcomes. At Talking Drum we are here to give you that platform. We are here to connect you with others who will listen, including organizations that are at the source of your frustration.

Complaining to people who can’t do anything to help a situation can certainly be a waste of time. Though sometimes by writing down a complaint or talking it out with someone you trust, you can gain insights into a bad situation and find new ways around a problem. That’s what this online community is dedicated to—finding better solutions by connecting people and organizations.